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Sommelier & Magic combines the skill sets of Ben Silver, Professional Magician and Certified Sommelier.

As a Certified Sommelier by The Court of Master Sommeliers,Ben Silver serves as the Wine Director and Floor Sommelier at a popular San Diego restaurant which is located in the historic gaslamp district of downtown San Diego.

As a Magician, Ben Silver is a Magician Member of the prestigious Academy of Magical Arts whose club house is the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood,CA.He performs at the Magic Castle, Local Venues, as well as for corporate groups and private parties all over the country.

With a passion in two art forms he has combined his knowledge and talents to create a unique service that is sure to exceed expectations. Perfect for Corporate Events (Galas, Award Ceremonies, Company Retreats, and Holiday Parties) as well as Dinner Parties, Private Parties and Hospitality Functions. Sommelier & Magic offers a variety of options which can be customized and tailored to your specific needs. Multiple Course Wine Dinners, Wine Tastings, Wine Consultation, Strolling Magic, Parlor Magic, and Stage Magic are all offered by Ben Silver here at Sommelier and Magic. These services can be used individually or mixed and matched in a variety of ways to guarantee you and your guest have an unforgettable experience.

Sommelier and Magic Options

Magic Options

Strolling Magic is always a great way to get people interacting and excited for the evenings events. Strolling magic is performed anywhere from 1 to 4 hours depending on the nature and format of the event as well as the clients needs and number of guest. Usually in a Gala situation Strolling Magic is performed during cocktail hour for an hour or so before the guest are seated.

Straight Show style of performance referred to as Stand Up Magic at an event will vary depending on the number of guests. The style of magic will change from Close-Up Magic for 5-25 people,  Parlor Magic for 25-75 people , and Stage Magic for 75-500 people. The number of guests being entertained and style of magic being performed will be reflected in the pricing.

Magic and Wine Tastings

Wine Tastings are always fun, but the element of magic makes this wine tasting Unforgetable! Magic can be interweaved in-between wines or performed after the tasting. The tasting can be as educational as the client wants. Some styles can teach how wine is made, how to taste, discuss soil and climate variations, and factors played by the wine makers such as barrels and aging. The alternative is just a relaxing experience where a couple of tasting notes and the story of the wine and winery are given.There is always a happy medium.

Some examples of tastings offered are…

Multiple Varietal (Red. White, Rose or all three.)
Old World vs New World
Single Varietal from different vintages
Specific Country and or Region and its Varietals
Wineries Portfolios
Wine Groups Portfolios
Dessert Wines

Magic & Wine Dinner

Magic and Wine Dinners typically feature 3-5 course meals with a wine to pair with each course. The host will dictate how educational they want the wine dinner to be. If there are certain countries foods or styles of cuisine featured, Ben Silver will pick wines to compliment them and offer a variety of wines at different price points to the host.

Strolling Magic can be performed before the Wine Dinner during the Cocktail Hour or Stand Up Magic can be performed at the end of the Dinner when the last course of wine and dessert have been served. Magic can be performed at both times with completely different tricks as they are different performance styles. The Magic performed after the dinner typically last 15-40 minutes and the style of magic will depend on the number of guest ranging from close-up, parlor, and stage magic.